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Some problems I've found and thoughts
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Author:  markem [ Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Some problems I've found and thoughts

:D Hey everyone! :D

I just downloaded the latest release of Code Lobster and have to say I am impressed. I have looked and looked for a PHP code debugger and this one seems to do a good job of helping me debug programs. Here are a few problems I have noticed:

1. At the bottom of the screen is a set of tabs to let you do some things. The two I wanted to use is the "Local" and "Watch". These two do not agree on what is what. For instance, I created a variable called tableStyles. Into this I put various styles for my table (Duh!). Anyway, one of these entries was

$tableStyles["tr"]["style"]["background-color"][0] = "#99cccc";

and another was:

$tableStyles["tr"]["style"]["background-color"][1] = "#aadddd";

Code Lobster reports the first one as some huge number and the second one as "-aadddd". This is under the "Watch" area. The "Local" area shows $tableStyles to be set to minus one (-1). Any idea why this is happening?

2. Although arrays are shown, there is no way to show a multi-dimensional array. So I can move the mouse over the $tableStyles, but I can't move the mouse over the $tableStyles["tr"] part and see what is inside of that part of the array.

2a. Suggestion: If you pre-highlight something (like the above) and you move the cursor over it - then have it resolve the entire string to get the values. I've seen this done in the Open Perl IDE.

That's it! Great program! Thank you VERY much for making this program. Can you donate money somehow? I don't have a lot right now (recovering from Hurricane Ike) but I thought maybe I could send a little to help out the cause. :D

Author:  Admin [ Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:43 pm ]
Post subject: 


Big thanks for your message.

First issue we will fix by next version.

Your second suggestion is more complicated.
We are not sure about it, but we will try.

If you want to make some donation to us you may buy our Drupal plug-in.
It will help us very much :)

Codelobster Team.

Author:  Admin [ Wed Nov 12, 2008 6:54 pm ]
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We have just checked you first problem on Codelobster with
$tableStyles["tr"]["style"]["background-color"][0] values.

Everything is OK on our test.

Could you, please, send us your project with code?

Also do you use our last version?

Codelobster Team.

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