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CodeLobster PHP Edition
March 06, 2018 - Codelobster PHP Edition FREE Version 5.14.5 released
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Free version
  Text editor
  HTML editor
  HTML code inspector
  CSS editor
  JavaScript editor
  PHP editor
  PHP debugger
Lite version
  SQL manager
  Version Control Systems
  Code validator
  Code snippets
  Code formatting
  Node.js support
  Other tools
Professional version
  AngularJS plug-in
  BackboneJS plug-in
  CakePHP plug-in
  CodeIgniter plug-in
  Drupal plug-in
  JQuery plug-in
  Joomla plug-in
  Laravel plug-in
  Magento plug-in
  MeteorJS plug-in
  Phalcon plug-in
  Smarty plug-in
  Symfony plug-in
  Twig plug-in
  WordPress plug-in
  Yii plug-in
  Versions history
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Professional version of Codelobster PHP Edition is shareware product.
  • The registration key will be sent to you immediately after making payment and will be valid and legal for all following versions of the application.
  • If you use a Free version of Codelobster PHP Edition and want to obtain the Professional version, you need just to purchase a license and activate it. No repeated downloading is required.
  • All licences include Lifetime Free Updates (LFU)

Abilities Free Version Lite Version Professional version
HTML editor V V V
HTML code inspector V V V
CSS editor V V V
JavaScript editor V V V
PHP editor V V V
PHP debugger V V V
Advanced features
(Lite Version)
Free Version Lite Version Professional version
FTP/SFTP support - V V
SQL manager - V V
Version Control Systems - V V
Code validator - V V
Code snippets - V V
Code formatting - V V
Split Window, Compare - V V
Node.js support - V V
Other: sorting, converting - V V
Additional plug-ins Free Version Lite Version Professional version
AngularJS framework AngularJS plug-in - - V
BackboneJS framework BackboneJS plug-in - - V
CakePHP framework CakePHP plug-in - - V
CodeIgniter framework CodeIgniter plug-in - - V
Drupal CMS Drupal plug-in - - V
EmberJS framework EmberJS plug-in - - V
JQuery library JQuery plug-in - - V
Joomla CMS Joomla plug-in - - V
Laravel PHP framework Laravel plug-in - - V
Magento Commerce Platform Magento plug-in - - V
MeteorJS framework MeteorJS plug-in - - V
Phalcon web framework Phalcon plug-in - - V
Smarty template engine Smarty plug-in - - V
Symfony frameworkTwig template engine for PHP Symfony+Twig plug-ins - - V
Wordpress blogging platform WordPress plug-in - - V
Yii framework Yii plug-in - - V
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