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Drupal CMS is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It´s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.
Using Drupal plug-in you can learn principles of Drupal CMS more quickly and develop sites of any type.

Drupal CMS Drupal Plug-in is a part of CodeLobster IDE - Professional version

The Drupal plug-in turns a Drupal editor into a full-fledged Drupal IDE!

Drupal IDE has the following abilities to work with Drupal CMS:

1. Ability to create projects automatically installing Drupal CMS
This ability means usual organizing files into a project with automatic installing standard Drupal components into the same folder, including Drupal 7.
To create a Drupal project
  • Move to Project|Create Project
  • In the left grid select Drupal site
    Drupal installation site wizard
  • Set appropriate values for the following fields and press Ok:
    • Base URL for debug - URL of a project virtual folder
    • Project name - name of your project
    • Location - path to a folder with files you want to include in a project
  • If entered values are correct, Drupal Project Wizard will appear. Follow its instructions to complete project creation.
What's new in Drupal Project Wizard?
  • Basic panel: added an ability to choose Drupal version you want to install on your computer
    Drupal project wizard options

    It supports Drupal versions 7.x, 8.x, 9..
  • User panel: added an ability to specify admin account data and project URL
    Drupal project wizard options
2. Autocomplete, help and tooltips for module's hooks
Completion list contains names of all standard Drupal's hooks. It is called automatically on placing ModuleName_
Drupal module hooks autocomplete
3. Autocomplete and tooltips for Drupal's function theme
Completion list contains values for first and second parameter of theme function.
Drupal theme function autocomplete
Drupal theme function autocomplete
4. Autocomplete for Drupal's forms
Completion list contains attributes and attributes values of the Drupal Form array.

Attributes autocomplete:
Drupal form array autocomplete
Attributes values autocomplete:
Drupal form attributes values autocomplete
It is called automatically on placing array keyword and opening parenthesis (see first example above).

5. Drupal search - for menu path and menu function
With this feature you can serch for FunctionName_menu functions by menu paths as well as for menu paths by FunctionName_menu functions.

To find menu path by function name:
  • Move to Drupal|Search menu path
  • Menu functions dialog will appear. It contains all menu functions declared in your project and corresponding menu paths
    Drupal search - menu path
  • Find necessary function name in the list and view menu path corresponding to it. For quicker search, use search string. For jumping to path declaration, double click function name in the list.

To find menu function by menu path:
  • Move to Drupal|Search menu function
  • Menu functions dialog will appear.
    Drupal search - menu functions
  • Repeat all procedures mentioned above for search by menu function.

6. Wizard for creating new modules
With this wizard you can automatically create "INFO" file for your module.
Drupal new modules wizard
7. Help on Drupal API
You can quickly find necessary information about Drupal constants and functions on Drupal official site https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal using this feature.
To get help topics with Context Help, place the pointer on necessary element and press F1 button. Appropriate help topic will be opened in a browser.
The Dynamic Help window displays links to help topics for an element the pointer is placed on.
Drupal API dynamic help

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