Free HTML editor in CodeLobster IDE

Free CodeLobster IDE includes free HTML editor

Free HTML editor represents the following abilities to work with HTML code:

1. Code highlighting
Code highlighting means syntax highlighting for HTML code in the active Editor window
HTML highlighting

2. Pair highlighting
Enclosing tags are highlighted in pairs when a cursor is placed between beginning and ending enclosing characters.
HTML pair tags highlighting

This feature helps to check code for errors, as it highlights mismatched enclosing characters in a special color that you can change from the Preferences menu.
HTML mismatched tag highlighting
HTML unclosed tag highlighting

3. Intelligent Auto-complete
Intelligent auto-complete feature enables to write code faster. Pop-up completion list includes HTML tags,
HTML tags autocomplete

tag attributes
HTML attributes autocomplete

and attribute values
HTML values autocomplete
It is called automatically in a required code area and lists possible variants for current element completion.

4. Navigation with holding CTRL button
Navigation with holding CTRL button helps to open target files quickly.
HTML files navigation

5. Images tooltips
HTML tooltips shows images preview with their size.
Images tooltips

6. Context and Dynamic Help
With these features you can get necessary information about any element of HTML code.

To get help topics using Context Help:
  • Place the pointer on necessary element and press F1 button

By default free html editor searches for proper topic on site. To change site address:
  • Move to the Preferences menu (Tools|Preferences)
  • On the left panel click Context Help item and select HTML
  • On the right panel select necessary value from the Location dropdown list and press OK
HTML context help

The Dynamic Help window displays links to help topics for an element the pointer is placed on. By default free HTML editor conducts search to site.
HTML dynamic help
7. Code collapsing
This feature allows hiding tags or code blocks you aren't working on to make navigation a little easier.
To collapse code fragment, click "-" marker in the gutter next to the line numbers.
HTML Code Collapsing
8. Commenting code
The Comment Lines option (Edit|Comment Lines) allows commenting lines and code blocks.
comment HTML code

To add comment:
  • Select code area you want to comment
  • Go to Edit|Comment Lines (Alt+C )

To remove comment:
  • Select commented area
  • Apply Uncomment Lines option (Edit|Uncomment Lines)

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