SQL manager in CodeLobster IDE

Most of websites store data in database to provide full-fledged working and quick and convenient processing of information. CodeLobster IDE has a built-in manager that allows easy and convenient fulfilment of all necessary operations with databases.

Drupal CMS SQL manager is a part of CodeLobster IDE - Professional version

SQL manager has the following abilities to work with MySQL databases:

1. SQL autocomplete
For quick writing SQL queries Codelobster analyses code written by you and offers only appropriate database object names and syntax for their completion.
In order to enable intelligent autocomplete to work, you should be connected to your databases.

SQL keywords autocomplete:

SQL keywords autocomplete

Tables autocomplete:

SQL tables autocomplete

Fields autocomplete:

SQL fields autocomplete

2. Structure (fields) editing
For every table of database the manager allows to review the structure and change types of fields.
Table fields editing

3. Data editing
There is a very powerful special grid for direct data editing.
Table fields editing

4. Export wizard
You can export all data and base structure or structure of a separate table using custom wizard.
Export Wizard

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